Maroc Salat Athan est une solution simple et fiable pour suivreles horaires des prières au Maroc, elle ne se base PAS sur desalgorithmes de calculs, les horaires proposés sont basés sur labase de données du Ministère Maroccain des Habous pour unemeilleure précision. Paidversion only You don’t need to ask anyone for Qibla directionanymore. Quelques version d’Android Chinoise n’autorise pas à l’application de démarrer lors du démarrage del’appareil, merci de s’assurer que l’application Maroc Salat estautorisé de démarrer au demarrage du système depuis lesparamètrages de sécurité. Athan is the best prayer time appamong all islamic apps and also includes features like MosqueFinder to find the nearest mosques, Qibla finder to get accurateqibla direction and Islamic Calendar to track Islamic events. WeatherStation reports areavailable world-wide. Community spotters provide incident reports that can help youavoiddangerous road and weather conditions such as accidents, potholes,ponding roads, and more. In thisapplication, you will gain access to featuressuchas:

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Incase of any problem, please contact us at contact [AT]quanticapps. Important The revenue of ads is used in charity. We provide you an useful Android application that will keepyou informed about the exact hours of Salat throughout theyear. Accurate Muslim prayer times, Qibla, Quran with transl. Download Quran mp3 on yourphone for listening without internet connection. Al-Moazin prayer litee application, is a must have companion forall Muslims.

Application is equippedwith a Hijri Calendar to be able to display and check dates inHijri or convert Hijri to Gregorian dates and vise versa. The Salatuk algorithmsupports a large Prayer calculation methods adopted by many Muslimcountries. Ajouter à la liste de kite.


salaat first lite

Al-Moazin Lite Prayer Times 3. Remettre la description dans sa langue d’origine Anglais États-Unis Traduire. Take great professional photos at high resolution and firsr. My Salaat First is Islamic prayer time and qibla direction, This application provides islamic prayer times Salat and the direction to the Qibla wherever you are in the world, you will not miss Salat again even if you traveled.

Weather Radar lets you know where rain or snow stormsmaybe looming in your vicinity. With Al-Moazin, you will not miss Salat again even ifyou traveled to a totally new country.

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Adan Maroc est une application spécialement conçue pour indiquerles horaires de prières pour la majorité des villes salata. Ministère des Habous et des Affaires islamiques, Maroc Munich, Allemagne Ministère des ltie religieuses et des Wakfs, Algérie Birmingham Mosquée centrale Département des affaires islamiques et activités de bienfaisance, Dubaï Autorité générale de l’enquête égyptienne Autorité générale des affaires islamiques et fonds de dotation, U.

For more information check the Info pagefrom the option menu in the application. Adhan Downloader peut être utilisée comme application indépendanteou comme extension de l’application Salaat First. Salatuk horaires de prière.

May Allah preserve us andguide us all to the right path. Paidversion only You don’t need to ask anyone for Qibla directionanymore. Incase of any problem, please contact us at contact [AT]quanticapps. Athan brings you themost accurate prayer times and many walaat features such as Quran,Tasbeeh, Islamic Calendar, Compass to locate the Qiblah, Ramadan etc. AdhanDownloader can be used as a standalone application or as anextension of the Salawt Application Salaat.

Applications islamiques utilitaires, Le Saint Coran, les temps Adhan. Horaires de prière, Coran, Qibla. A lite implementation ofthe First Salaat version, it has all the functionality of firsr application except the database ahaadeeth, support large HDscreens, and 4 « adhan » instead of 7 full version.


Maroc Salat Athan 2. Traffic Spotter firsr the premier firsh for providinginteractive,real-time traffic flow and incidents combined withweatherinformation for travelers across the world.

salaat first lite

SDI App explique les principes de base de l’islam et facilité à effectuer les prières obligatoires. Weather Stationis always on the lookout for active weather alertsas well. If you spot an event such as an accident orheavytraffic, you can report it for other travelers to see.

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Q and acontact form are available on the application. If you travel during off-peakhours,non-community traffic providers also report variousincidentsincluding road closures, road construction, andmiscellaneousevents.

WeatherStation allows you to get the current temperature,visibility, windspeeds, and more for the location you are viewing. Enable auto settings to get the most accurate Muslim prayer timesfor your location.

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Elle permetl’accès à une liste importante d’Adhans en ligne, pourtéléchargement ou écoute en ligne. Whether you are preparing for your daily commute oraboutto head szlaat on a road trip, Traffic Spotter gives you themostcomplete report of current traffic, road, and weatherconditions atyour current location as well as at yourdestination.

Hicham Boushaba Show More Adan Morocco is firsr application especially designed toindicate prayer times for most Moroccan cities.